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Mindful Films: Our new venture


  • Mindful Films

    Little Darling Productions has recently launched our new venture, Mindful Films, a platform to cultivate and permeate documentary film as a therapeutic tool for health and wellness. Our mission is to create a protocol for how to make healing films– documentary short-form video projects that feature the story of an individual who is dealing with the emotional earthquake of a health crisis or illness; and to connect filmmakers with subjects for healing films with the intention of growing an online collection of individual healing stories from across the world.  Mindful Films is developing partnerships with cancer, hospice and terminal illness experts to design and offer sensitivity training to freelance documentary filmmakers, and then connect those filmmakers with local end-of-life folks or recently diagnosed individuals to capture their story and experience in this moment in a thoughtful and sensitive way.  These short films will live on a dedicated streaming channel where stories of hope and healing will be archived for all to benefit from.

  • Film Therapy: Films That Heal & Empower

    For those who are struggling through the trauma of a health crisis or illness, being the subject of a short documentary film about their experience can have enormous therapeutic effects.

    Traditional film therapy or cinema therapy is a passive process that uses films or videos as therapeutic tools by screening films with identifiable themes or characters to patients. Cinema therapy can be a catalyst for healing and growth for those who are open to learning how movies affect people and to watching certain films with conscious awareness. Used as part of psychotherapy, cinema therapy is an innovative method based on traditional therapeutic principles.

    We’re offering a new spin on this idea by making films for and about people who are coping with life challenges.  We give people the opportunity to tell a new narrative about their life. The filming process itself is therapeutic, and the final film can be incredibly inspiring to both the subject and others.  An empathetic, intuitive, and skilled filmmaker can offer an objective perspective and safe space for the subject to express their experience in their own words. People who we have filmed during a difficult time of life report feeling a sense of calm, insight, inspiration, empowerment, emotional release and relief during the filming process.  Each step– whether it’s production itself, post-filming, viewing the final film, or in hearing the responses of others after viewing the film– offers a new wave of healing that has ripple effects on others.  It is an incredibly rich process every step of the way for all involved.

    One of our Mindful Films:

    Bob survived a life-threatening stroke, and experiences enormous, life-changing views on life, love, and family in this short film.


  • We offer film packages to health organizations and non-profit groups who cater to people coping with emotional, psychological, physical, lifestyle or medical challenges and setbacks, whether it’s an unexpected health diagnosis, an ongoing physical or emotional challenge, or the recent loss of a loved one.  Under the Alternative or Recreational Therapy umbrella, this unique service is an enormous opportunity for these groups to provide a premium creative therapy service for their clients at no cost to the individuals. We can customize a package to fit any organization’s budget, but we typically offer a package of 6 films so that the final result is a tight-knit series of inspiring and powerful short films.  Once the films are complete, the organization can use these visual storytelling pieces to benefit their cause in fundraising efforts, education, and to inspire other clients who are coping with the same issues.

    Film Therapy is an enormously effective tool for people who have suffered physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, as it empowers them to “take back the reins” of their story, and share it in a film in their own words via an expert, experienced and sensitive filmmaker.  Little Darling Productions founder and filmmaker Elyse Neiman Seiter has extensive experience working on documentary films and television shows that explored intimate and sensitive topics with subjects at difficult and vulnerable crossroads.  It is their trust in Elyse that allowed the process to be therapeutic for them, and it opened the door for her to craft a film or show that honors their story and give them a voice.

    Creative storytelling is catching on as a therapeutic tool for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease—and their families. It is increasingly being used in adult day programs and other group settings.  Storytelling sparks memories, encourages verbalization and promotes self-esteem among those with dementia, according to healthcare professionals. 

    -The Alzheimer’s Foundation Of America

    Amidst a family health crisis, a young mother and her daughter experience a moment of peaceful beach time.



Visit Mindful Films for more info or reach out directly at

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